Thursday, June 26, 2014

Then again, maybe I won't

With all apologies to Judy Blume for usurping her title, I've encountered a little change in plans.  I'm still on the hunt for good - and most importantly, relevant - information about game-based learning.  And I got word from my principal on Monday that a small team of us will be presenting sessions on  GBL to our faculty and staff on August 15.  Needless to say, I still have a lot of work to do there.

A second idea came to mind last week, however, and for my CECS 5200 project I'm going to be shifting gears.   Let me back up a bit.   Before summer started, I did not expect to be able to take this course.  As such, I decided upon several topics to explore on my own this summer.   One was GBL, knowing that a presentation would be pending at the end of summer.   A second was based on a session I attended at the Texas Library Association conference in April, a session about infographics.  After all, they are ubiquitous.   The third avenue of exploration was Google, specifically Google educator certification.  

Anyway, I began to question my GBL project because of concern over the breadth of the topic.  So I began looking at my other summer goals.   Infographics tie in very nicely to the idea of visual and digital literacy, and there is definitely research out there about how infographics are being used, how they can be beneficial, what makes for good infographics, and how they fit in on the learning spectrum with respect to Bloom's taxonomy.   Additionally, there are a few teachers I 'd like to get on board this year with having their students create and present infographics along with research projects, but I realize I need to know more about the topic - and how to create them myself.

So here I am.   New project topic.  But one that I've been thinking about.  And I'm excited.  And for now I'm signing off.  Want an explanation and examples?  Check out the Wikipedia explanation of infographics.  Want to know what I think?  Check back soon!

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